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11 Oct 2018

Part-Time Janitor

Human Potential Consultants, LLC – Posted by humanpotentialcons Aspen, Colorado, United States

Job Description

Opening: Janitorial Services, Air Traffic Control Tower
Location: Aspen, CO Pay Rate: $20.00/HR Days: Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri & Sat Hours: 2:00 pm. – 6:00 pm

Minimum Requirements: High school diploma or GED equivalent. Minimum, 2-3 years of experience in the care and cleaning of buildings with the ability to pass/maintain a clean background screening. Must be able to Buff, Strip, Wax, and Shampoo Carpet flooring.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities: Perform and oversee a variety of janitorial and/or custodial tasks to maintain clean and safe buildings and grounds:
• VACUUM CARPET. Shall vacuum all carpeted floor areas including corners and abutments, shall vacuum privately owned rugs or carpets in Government offices at the regular frequency.
• SWEEP FLOORS. Shall sweep non-carpeted floor surfaces, including corners and abutments, so that after sweeping, the area is free of visible litter, dust, and foreign debris.
• MOP FLOORS. Shall mop all accessible areas including corners and abutments, so that after mopping, the area has a uniform appearance and is free of streaks, swirl marks, detergent residue, or any evidence of soil, stains, film, debris or standing water.
• WET FLOOR CAUTION SIGNS. Shall display caution signs when cleaning floors in an area where people other than contractor personnel are present.
• MAINTAIN/BUFF FLOORS. Shall maintain all floors unless specified elsewhere in this contract as having carpet or a special floor covering.
• REMOVE TRASH. Shall empty and remove all trash from wastebaskets to include Food vending area, inside trash containers, and exterior trash containers as required by the contract.
• SERVICE TRASH RECEPTACLES/CIGARETTE ASH URNS. Shall empty and remove all trash from outside trash containers, receptacles/cigarette ash urns, butt cans, etc.
• PERFORM LOW DUSTING. Shall perform dusting, so that after dusting, all dust, lint, litter, and dry soil shall be removed from surfaces of desks, chairs, file cabinets, and other types of office furniture and equipment, and from ledges, windows sills, handrails, etc., to ceiling level. Computers, printers, typewriters, business machines, and equipment of similar nature shall not be dusted or disturbed.
• CLEAN GLASS. Shall clean all glass partitions; glass doors and walls (interior and exterior of building), interior door sidelights leading from corridors into offices, display cases directory boards, fire hose cabinets mirrors and adjacent trim.
• CLEAN DRINKING FOUNTAINS. Shall clean and disinfect all porcelain and polished metal surfaces, including orifices and drains, so that after cleaning, the entire drinking fountain and adjacent walls are free of streaks, stains, spots, smudges, scale and other obvious soil.
• PERFORM SPOT CLEANING. Shall perform spot cleaning to remove smudges, fingerprints, marks, streaks, etc., from washable surfaces of walls, partitions, doors and fixtures. Shall use germicidal detergent in restrooms, locker rooms, break areas, and on drinking fountains. Shall polish brass hardware, aluminum bars, and other metal on doors with a polishing compound.
• DISINFECT RESTROOMS. Shall completely clean and disinfect toilet bowls, urinals, wall mounted lavatories, sinks, showers, mirrors, partition surfaces, faucets, dispensers, valves and connecting pipes using an approved germicidal detergent. Disinfect all surfaces of partitions, stall, stall doors, and wall areas.
• DESCALING RESTROOMS. Shall de-scale toilet bowls and urinals, so that after de-scaling, the entire surface if free from streaks stains, scale, scum, urine deposits, and rust stains. All plumbing fixtures and all brass hardware shall be polished with a polishing compound.
• SUPPLY RESTROOMS/LOCKER ROOMS. Shall re-supply restrooms/locker rooms, so that after re-supplying, the facilities are adequately stocked. Paper products shall be placed in designated receptacles only. Clean and disinfect dispense.
• WASH WASTEBASKETS. Wastebaskets, cigarette ash receptacles (ashtrays, urns, cans, etc.), and other trash containers shall be washed. After washing, the waste containers shall be clean and free of water, grime, debris and other foreign matter.
• CLEAN EXTERIOR ENTRYWAYS. The Contractor shall clean exterior entryways, landings, porches, patios, and concrete areas as requested by Building Manager ensuring that after cleaning, exterior entryways are free of trash, paper, cigarette butts, empty bottles, and cans. Sweeping shall be done on entryways to ensure areas are free of dirt, leaves, paper and other debris.
• INTERIOR FOOD VENDING AREA SPOT CLEANING. The Contractor shall clean tables, any sinks, counter tops, and sweep the floor so it is free of visible litter, dust, and foreign debris, then mop accessible areas. After cleaning, tables shall be free of food particles; dust, trash, and foreign matter, floors shall have a uniform appearance and be free of streaks, debris, or standing water.

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Job Categories: Other. Job Types: Part-Time. Salaries: Hourly Wage.

Job expires in 47 days.

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